Flowers and Homes

Flowers in the home. What's so special about them? Don't you just sometimes get a gift of flowers, put them in a vase and keep some water in the vase to keep them going before their inevitable withering?

No! Flowers in the home are actually a means of showing off your sophistication and expert home decorating. Just because a plant is in the house doesn't mean it needs to be left to die in a vase - Consider buying some indoor flowers and wildflower seed mix to plant in an indoor pot. Compliment the current aesthetics of the house, and rather than cutting away the roots, bring some soil and a pot to keep them alive with. You'll be surprised by how much difference a beautiful, healthy plant can provide when placed indoors.

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No longer will you be forced to make the journey to your garden to look at some beautiful flowers - Now they'll be resident to your own home. You can keep them almost anywhere, too - They enhance the atmosphere of any room in the house. They make a great centerpiece to your dining room table or a nice visual touch (and aroma!) in the bathroom. Really, the limit is the sky when it comes to keeping flowers in the house.

So what are some good indoor flowers to keep, you wonder?

One of my favourites is the african violet - They're extremely simple to keep, and they flower throughout the year. As the name suggests, they're pretty little purple flowers, and they can be really easily kept. As long as you can give them enough sunshine these flowers will thrive in any room throughout the house.

For something a little more exotic, consider the Christmas Cactus, also known as the schlumbergera. It's a species of cacti, and come in a variety of colours - a nice, cool white, a beautiful strong red, and a soft and warm purple. As long as you can keep your house relatively warm, and provide plenty of sunshine, this plant should be very simple to keep.

For something really exotic, you might look at the guzmania. This is the most unique of our three plants here, today, since it is actually a member of the same genus as the pineapple! Though this is the hardest of our three to keep, as it requires warm temperatures while it grows but blooms will last longer in a cool environment - So for maximum effect you'll want to be able to change the temperature of the room this plant is kept in once it blooms.